Invisibility cloak now within sight: scientists

Hmm turns out that scientist have created an invinsible cloak… first thing i thought was…
Yup… Harry Potter with his invisible cloak… and

Judi Dench (The elemental on Chronicles of Riddick)

Well at least almost invisible.

I also can wat…turn off light every1 is invisible what…. hahahaha..

On a scientific note, turns out that only in certain light spectrum and bending certain wave lengths so that the human eye cannot see. well if u want to get the scientific detail read the article urself here

and it also got me thinking…

what if it was placed in the wrong hands? Spying, stealing, invasion of privacy?

True to some extent that it will b useful in war, but in putting it in the hands of thugs can be dangerous! Rape, Stealing, Killings, it will destroy a peaceful nation and create Crime all over…

hmm.. interesting that the US allows this information to pass… who knows? What other stuff are being hidden from us! Other age old fantasies of human flying, super human mutants, who knows…

Who knows…


ref link: http://news.my.msn.com/topstories/article.aspx?cp-documentid=1616711


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