This is my timetable for next semster… so fast!

Gosh! i know i should be gr8ful for any holidays i can get but then… its only 10 DAYS OF HOLIDAYS!!!

10 Freakin Days!!!

I know… i should be grateful… but it’s so SHORT!!!

Gosh! my sem starts on Thursday 22nd Aug… only mearly 12 days of holiday! I mean it is so freakin little holiday! its like gosh… never had such a short btwn sem holiday b4…. its like a mid sem holiday!

Next sem i have a night class! well… i guess there is a first time for everything.. it’s on a weds nite! gosh! i cant go Wed’s prayer meet! 😦 crappo….

Hopefully i can get exemption for comm eng 104 … i already got exemption for Pendidikan Moral… did at CIMP di la… got 92 % summore!

If all is good i would not have class on thursday! so .. only Mon, Tues, Weds! Woot!



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