Izzi fulfilling and satisfied Lunch!!

Had meeting today for final presentation for Presentation skills today.. so we went to Izzi and eat… we were attracted my the 50% off on all food… so like.. Oh Yea we r gonna eat Italian food!

Amelia had her Cream of Mushroom Soup
Chuen had her Fettucini Cabonara Funghi
Karmen and Amelia shared the Chicken Lasagne,
Ken had his Seafood Maranara with Fettucini
and Mua had Lasagne all by me-self!

Here is our picts!

Yea.. u cant see the bill clearly… but it says it cost around rm 85 or something la…. its pretty aite if u share ur bottomless peach teas and ur main food… mine cost only Rm 13 haha! not bad after discount.. it was worth it! the lasagne was like double the size of ones u get at Pizza Hut, Dominos and Vivo… yup! IZZI is the best!

DannyBoy 😀


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