Gosh… finally another one done… I FEEL SO ALIVE!

pass few days studying like my exam like ther is no tomorrow… today was D-Day… Me… againts… MY ADVERTISING PAPER! … and guess what!… after rumbling in the student lounge with my classmates… all of us freaked out… pulling our hairs out.. crunching our note…. with our blood shot eyes showing signs of deprived of closing and sleep .. ok.. not ath bad la… we were freaking out… like ask questions and we cant answer it… the common stuff like :




CHAR KUAH TEOW, Kari JAP! – Randomness from Sherman… as usuall with his Char Kueh Teow…

MCB!!! … Sherman again…





(SEX) using the F word…

This (action when lickin a lollipop)!!

Yea… them.. curses, talking abt each others mum and char Kuih Teow… and Kari Jap…all the gibberish came out in diff languages…

I just stood and watched and laughted hah!

I dunno what to say..

bfore we knew it we went straight to Room 1 for the exam… it was easier Than i thought!

mayb cuase i took Ms. Jo’s clue that we should study what we spent the most time in classes… turns out that i took a good gamble to hold her word to it!

out of 5 essays we have to write.. 4 of the topics i knew well enuf haha! and the 5th essay got stuck for a while but then managed to remember… !!!

finished the exam 20 mins earlier…

my hand was like aching like crap…
my Pan Mee… my right hand holding me chopsticks was shaking like crap… as if i saw a ghost or something…

post exam stress.. was blure today counting money to pay for drinks and food….

… Celebrated Case’s bday today …Happy Bday dude! hope u like the Cupcakes from Esther, Jon Koo, Sarah, Levi, Ben, my bro, me.. yea..haha have fun on friday with ur cell!

Neways… need to focus on CG!!! PRay Low will approve!



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