OMG! Let me tell you..my exams are next week, my CG assignment is due next Friday and tomorrow i got a debate, and some more, i have 2 group member who cant come 2mr !

Now.. i m not blaming anybody here… Alvina will be in Penang till tomorrow night i think… and Cynthia is having food poisoning! God are u serious??? Is this some kind of test! The debate requires A first speaker, 2nd which is me… and third which is either Cynthia or Alvina and they cant make it… again Cynthia and Alvina i m not blaming u guys… Gosh! its just WRONG TIMING!!!!I really dont know what to do… i have my CG assignment only 40% done… and i got less than a week! and 2mr’s debate is pretty important to our scores… OMG!!!

I am already filled up to the brim… what am i to do… God Give me Time!!!!


p.s i really hate that new Jesse McCartny song…


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