My big debut? haha!

Hello one and all!
I thought this was really an excellent idea on Trina’s part, and so, I’ll have to lend my support in one way or another in keeping this blog alive and happening right?

I wish there was some way I could convey how good God has been over the past few months as I was settling down and finding my place here in Melbourne. He brought friends, no, family, brothers and sisters who continue to encourage me as I run my race. There were times when I felt so broken, so upset or so lonely, but always, always, Jesus was there, be it in Spirit, or in His Word, or in the voice or hug of a friend or all three at once =).

There were times when I drew away from Him, but one of the awesome things about God is that even when you turn away from Him, His hand is still there, offered to you in love and forgiveness, no matter what you’ve done. I have fallen short, and while I lay there in the dust weeping in my brokenness, He came, and picked me up, carrying me when I felt like I had no more strength to go on.

So today, I don’t want to go on and on for too long, I just want to say… No matter what you’ve done, no matter what you were in the past, no matter what mistakes you’ve made…He is waiting for you. If you feel like He’s a distant figure out there watching you dispassionately, take it from me, Jesus is never really very far away. Like Trina said, when you take that one step towards Him, He takes many many steps to you in return…in fact, sometimes He comes running all the way. All it takes is that one step, that one prayer, that one cry in genuine desperation for Him…and He’ll be there.

Leaving you all with an excerpt of a beautiful song I love… =) I’m sure for most of you it’s super familiar! ^__^

A thousand times I’ve failed
Still Your mercy remains
Should I stumble again,
I’m caught in Your grace
Your light will shine when all else fades
Never ending
Your glory goes beyond all fame
In my heart and my soul
Lord I give You control
Consume me from the inside out
Lord let justice and praise
Become my embrace
To love you from the inside out

To all the oldies, I am looking forward to seeing you all again and catching up come December!
And to all the new ones and YOUR new friends that you will be bringing in (hehe)… I’ll bring a little of my craziness into your lives when I get home yay =D.

ven xhin ^__^


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