Chillaxing @ home… ahh iced lemon tea….

wow… finally got sometime to chill and drink some freshly brewed iced lemon tea!

its been a long time since i have written a normal post!

well… been a few days la.. last few days have been pretty busy for me… having meetings… last presentation for Advertising… ups and downs for unforeseen events… i m proud of Liz for being so strong in the midst of a storm when her mum past away from lung cancer on Monday… and for Shearn… man thank God u were not hurt from the robbery yesterday… the robbers pretty stupid tho…

Shearn: please dont take my laptop… i have my homework in there….

robber: okok…

-.-” LOLS!!! wtFreaking!? if i were them, i would take it anyways… and those of u who do not know Shearn… Victoria Uni is having holidays… haha… so much for homework! Good think they didnt take ur laptop… they took his phone (Rm 1.5k) wallet and RM600 and jewelery from ransacking the house

Today was the first time ever in the sem to have a class on friday… 2day is just a tutorial in the morn so that we can consult our CG lecturer on our final designs and also time to really sit down and focus on working on our designs without any distractions for 3hrs… with some soothing music in the background of Chloe’s laptop.

After class, went out with Jaq to 1U.. first time going out with her so i get a chance to find out more about her fashion styles and what she usually shops for… well i m cool with it! ShopPing is FuN! Jaq was saying that she hardly shops with guys cause they normally wait for her outside the shop…

well… most guys does that to girls anyways… bored stiff with shopaholics… for me one of my hobbies is SHOPPING! (believe it or not! 😀 ) Got to spend some time to get to know Jaq better.. i got 3 Ts from Studio 78 … RM 50 for 3 !!!

Jaq got a Seed buttoned down Shirt and a pair of wedge heeled shoes from Vincci for only RM 30!! Deng… every time i teman gurls for shoe shopping… I’m always envying how cheap woman’s shoes can be compared to men’s shoes! ok la… Jimmy Chew’s an exception …

For after getting our goods. we treated ourselves with Starbuck’s Green Tea Frapp and Mocha Frapp. haha every time i go to Starbucks i’ll always chose a mocha frapp if i do not know what drink to order…

We walked, talked, and went into every shop we wanted to go into…

Jaq was eying 3 bags that she wanna get for college use… one was from Studio 78… some unknown brand cost around RM 72 after discount… 2 Nike bags cost RM 149 and RM 159..

the RM72 one wasnt bad.. trendy, lightweight, looks cool, black and looks like a decent bag for college students, but the thing is .. it does not have a hard base, so when you put books it will sag in middle… and cause the material is thin… it might not last long as it could tear… The other 2 cost twice as much.. but of course.. the quality is good and it will not wear and tear too fast… summore it looks great and trendy..! we were walking around contemplating which bag to buy.. so we decided to think abt it…

i m kinda surprised that i managed to convince a girl to think abt it before buying.. lol normally they would simply choose one and then regret or … they get all so that they wont regret later … -.-”

Still got shopping to do though… heard today that we r not allowed jeans of all kinds for prom… so gotta get a nice pair of slacks then… I kinda want to wear my Zara Beige Jacket, with my white buttoned Padini T, my G2000 Blu jeans and my pair of adidas superstars.. oh well… i guess i will be looking formal after all….

Gotta replan my prom wear!!!!

DannyBoy 😀


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