Journey’s Beginning


Hi everyone! *beams*

Yes, the idea is that a few of us will start posting here every now and again in addition to our personal blogs. WHY? Simply because this is our cell blog and it takes a unified initiative (plus a loving kick up the bum from me) to get things rolling here. I thought it’d be really neat if cell members shared their thoughts corporately here on this site from across the world. Wherever you are, share your experiences, your thoughts, and your testimonies so that we can all be encouraged as we run this race together.

I guess I should start then hey? 🙂

The last couple of months God has really taken me on a journey. What kind of journey, you may ask. Well, a journey of growth. Simple as that. Jesus has always been knocking at the door of my heart, and I’ve always been really stubborn about letting Him in. And you know what? Jesus is such a gentleman. He won’t ever barge into your life unless you specifically open the door and ask Him to come in.

At the time, I desired in my heart to walk with God, but things in my life weren’t changing – I was stuck in a rutt. And just like a scientific experiment I knew that if I wanted different results, I had to do things differently. I’ve learnt, that when you take the difficult first step, God takes many many steps towards you in return. The ball is always in our court. What choice will we make? How will we respond in this circumstance? I knew that my decision would determine whether I would go to that next level with God. And so I made a choice. I decided I wanted things in my life to change. I wanted a deeper relationship with my God. I wanted to know Him intimately.

I’ve actually been a christian all my life, but quite frankly, it feels like I was born again only a few months ago. I think that’s the worst thing about 2nd generation christians. We get so comfortable leading an ordinary “christian” life – riding on the coat tails of our parents’ salvation, and not really experiencing for ourselves the power that’s found in Christ. What’s the point of learning the logos word of God (the plain text in your bible) if it doesn’t get applied to our lives and become the rhema word (the revealed word that has power). Lasting change only comes when there’s a revelation in your heart; when the lightbulb comes on; when your eyes get opened. And that’s what happened to me. That was the beginning of my journey 🙂

Since then, God’s been doing tremendous things in me and through me and I can’t wait to share more about my walk in later posts.

As far as first impressions go, I hope that was okay for my first time posting here! I really wanted to be open and to just share my heart with the rest of you. Hopefully this is a palatable introduction to whatever else I post here in the future 🙂

Luv ya all
Trina xx


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