Encouraged… revived…. in the storm

hey all! wow i felt like a jolt when i hear 3na gave me the inspiration to continue to try to revive this … “forsake” almost buried blog!!!

from now on… its not just me! (Dannyboy ) who will be updating this blog but also along side with….. those with the passwords!! u know who u are.. ;p  (all the originals of Campus Town Cell! ) LOL!!! funny way of putting it…
the reason y i say ORIGINALS … is cause… 
before that the Campus town originals are… (in no particular order)  
  • Li Yenn (Cell Leader) (Currently in UK )
  • 3na  (Currently Down Under )
  • Dionne (Currently Down Under )
  • Bernie –  (At home!!)
  • Xhin – (Currently Down Under )
  • Daniel Tang – (Currently Down Under )
  • Mojern – (Currently in USA )
  • Clement – (Currently in UK )
  • Nicholas – (Currently in UK )
  • Aaron – (currently down under) 
  • Dannyboy (my self!) –  (At home!!) – current cell leader till Li Yenn gets back!!! ^_^ “
  • HAVE I LEFT ANY1 out?      
Now let me introduce u to…. OUR NEW MEMBERS OF CAMPUS TOWN!!!
  • Emmanuel Wakesa (cell assistant) – hails from Kenya!! he is the first of the new Campus Town members… gosh.. not sure since when! Currently doing Nursing in Mahsa college… and he gets the honor of being the first cell assistant in the history of Campus Town Cell!! since we always have a communist leader Li Yenn last time … HAHAHAHA!!!
  • Kerry Thong – hails from Ipoh !! Studying Actuarial Science in UTAR College
  • Terrence – from Penang and studies at Mahsa as well! 
  • Sandra –  from a nation in Africa (will find out hehe…) a friend of Emmanuel studies at Mahsa as well!! 
  • We have 2 more sisters from africa and one local from Utar.. who are friends of Emmanuel and Kerry respectively and are coming to our cell soon! 

As we can see… GOD IS MOVING!!! 

I thank God for the wonderous work he is doing in our cell and also to Emmanuel and Dionne who has given me support which i couldnt have asked for!!! 

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