Berlin Wall cant be broken down!

OMG!!! I cant believe one of my teams lost!! (Portugal and Netherlands!!) but i have to admit that the Germans are hard to break down…. Not to say its a sad time for me.. but i was not sure who will win even though i m a portugal supporter…

but none the less … i vowed to sherman that even if Portugal Lost i will still wear my Portugal team polo-shirt the next day….

no shame…

its Football…where magic can happen any time…

unlucky for scolari, Ronaldo… now this is where things will start to heat up! Ronaldo to leave Man U? That could be a choice… n i must say he just might switch to Real Madrid who seems to be leading the race to get his signature on paper!

3 teams that will be interesting to see perform next season…. Inter Milan, Chelsea, Barcelona and my team! LIVERPOOL!!! Gosh it would be great to see David Villa, Downing and Gareth Barry at the Kop!


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