There is no doubt that i’ll be a night for over the next 2 months i.e till 30th June 2008… the finals!! 
Yes… a night owl…. 

I will be rooting for 2 teams…. Portugal and Netherlands!! 

Portugal and Netherlands are really strong in their counter attacks and also great at keeping ball possession…. tho i must say the greatest weakness for the dutch is their defence but they have one of the best and most experienced goal keepers in the competition, Van Der Sar. 
Spain could be the dark horse here… they have been under performers in the past… maybe they can reach pass quarter finals this time round… 
France and Italy, obvious favourites and are past winners of this competition…. but france are lacking fire power, slow and also have old players…. Italy alike as well, but they are still strong and can be dangerous… tho i’m surprised Inzaghi was dropped from the squad… for Del Piero instead. -.-! 
Germany as well, always consistent, finishes at least semi finals…. another dangerous team to face and with the likes of Klose, Padolski, Ballack and Metzelder in defence… this a strong Berlin Wall!!! 
Any ways… i was suppose to post this ages ago… LOL was just… Lazy… was prompted by a few people to update my blog… Li Chuen, Sean and people… Good to see that people r reading my blogs and want to know more about my life! 
anyways…. chanting here… “Netherlands!!! ” Portugal!!!”  

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