Chillaxing at Starbucks… while doing some work!

Ahh.. just what i needed…. a loungy cafe area, my notes and work, my laptop with free internet and….. my Mocha Frappacino! What perfect area to just Chillax ( Chill & Relax) in a public area looking cool with my laptop like i’m some high tech kid enjoying life on the fast line of life!

well… not to say i’m not enjoying my life rite now… but this month has been a really packed month for me… as u guys know i have been quite the night owl lately from the Euros and also with a fresh pile of assignments, in the likes of Mass Comm, Advertisement, Mass Comm group presentation, Comm English, Research assignment, and also another presentation for Presentation Skills class and last but not least….. Computer Graphics Final Assignment (worth 50%)!!!

surprisingly… i’m not panicking lol since most are due at the end of the month… still got 2 more weeks to go… if i have learnt one valuable lesson since joining IACT… is… NO LAST MIN WORK!!! Its been a hard lesson tough to me last time has i had 3 Computer Graphics due all on one day… that was one big regret and i hope lighting does not strike twice!

If u guys have noticed… the past few post does not contain any real life pictures… welll… i lent my Olympus cam to Renee…. and i forgot 2 remind her to bring to college… ARGE!!! lol!

ANyways back to work…work….work….


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