Dinner at marco’s …

it was only the 2nd time I’m eating at marco’s pizza, at KJ opposite the KJ train station…. 

the first time i ate there… i  remember the serving was freaking small and prices were expensive… it was ok la… but that time its like even dominos were way in front and better…
Ambience was not bad…

my mum signed up for this Marcos Pizza card thing… enables us to get free pizzas n other things like any other promo cards la….

mum n dad thinking of what to eat…

i seen such a big bottle of tabasco sause b4! i have seen the salt and shaker sized ones but this one is like…. the size of a bottle of seamaster water bottle!

since drinsk were quite pricey… and looking at other customers… their drinks were super small…. so i decided to get FREE REFILLABLE water with some lemon! so i called it… LEMONIZED H20~! 

my bro got this dish… some fancy italian name given … but nonetheless its just spegetti meatball.. it wasnt bad i must say… the sauce and meatball takes alright…

while my bro ate his spegetti, my parents n i shared 2 pizzas… this one is called the Tsunami.. -.- what a name… it has anchovies, basil, ham, sausages, green peppers, olives,tuna… yea… but how does ham and sausages fit in to “Tsunami” ??? 

this was some fancy named pizza as well.. but its like meetballs pizza?? with gazzilions of cheese!

woah!! its a minefield! or it could be some planet… 

YUMMY LAVA CHEESE!!!!! btw.. its the same meatballs used on the spegetti… -.- 
ALL in all my 2nd experience at Marcos Pizza was just above satisfactory.. lets say… 6.5 out of 10.. the best was the Meatball Pizza… the meatballs in the pizza was a lot… since places like Pizza Hut and Domino’s ones makes u spend some time looking for the meatballs… 

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