Liverpool marches on

Awesome!! Liverpool won 4-2 (aggregate 5-3) !

I kinda feel that it should have been a 4-1 win … as Reina made a critical goal keeping error… but the 2nd goal with Theo Walcott bursting down with only Skrtel defending againts 3 other Arsenal was ok.. as everyone went up to attack at that period.

Then again… Adebayor missed an open opportunity, he should have controlled the ball tho might have a better chance of scoring…

Hyypia’s goal was great losing his marker (Sanderos) easily… i feel that Sanderos and Gilberto were the weakness points in Arsenal’s defense… did not see much of Gilberto in the game and Sanderos was out witted by Torres, scoring a fantastic goal…

The penalty? i thought it was quite an obvious penalty especially when Babel has already surpassed Toure, leaving Toure struggling to match Babel’s pace. As it was evident in the final mins of extra time where all of Arsenal’s defenders were in Liverpool’s half leaving Fiber Glass (Fabregas) alone at the back marking Babel and in the end losing pace again to Babel who slotted the ball perfectly at the bottom right corner 😀

To be honest i was kinda nervous when Gerrard stepped up to take the penalty… as Gerrard has been holding the midfield more in the game than his usual paring up with Torres.. (due to a change in formation with three strikers in this game =.=”) but as a leader he stepped up and took the penalty with calmness and at the same time with class…

Once again… for the third time…Liverpool meets Chelsea… very much expected….

and on the other semi final spots will most likely be Man U against Barcelona… guaranteed spot for a English team… it could even b an all England Finale….


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