busy busy busy!

my o my … its been a freakishly long time since i blogged…

have been really busy with balancing college, guitars.. and my other commitments in my life… its really interesting how David, Jon and Karen has came up to me and told me that i should really find my identity in God during college and Uni days…. am still searching…

on the brighter side of things.. had a really awesome time again last nite at Hwee Yen’s place for the weekly boardgames! we didnt play Betrayal at the house on the hill (Betrayal at House on the Hill won the 2004 Gamers Choice Award for Best Board Game) this time around hahaha…. we played the classic Pictionery instead… for those of u who dont know whats pictionery.. its like Taboo… but if u dont know either of the games then… google it!!!

tis fun as usually we try to keep our noise and excitement down and we ended as usual late… at around 1 a.m 😀 well its convenient for me anyways as i live like a row infront of Hwee yen’s :D…

any of u have a passion for boardgames??? let me know… i m gonna host a boardgames nite .. more details comin soon!


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