EASTER !!!!!

Wow time passes by fast doesn’t it!

last friday, there was no cell but…. we went tracking in millennium tower with Emmanuel and myself representing our cell, John Aiden being the only representative from May Vern’s cell lol ! we out numbered them this week! and also Sue Ling’s cell.. now they came in numbers…. lol!

Tracking was fast actually… hehe 20 mins!!! haha… we did not have enuf fliers… only400… considering there are 9 floors of 15 apartments in both the guy’s and the girl’s building….

fliers werent split evenly tho!!!! since only 3 of us guys….. compared to the rest ….. just Emmanuel, John and my self we only have 130… dunno y it was not split evenly but… maybe.. just maybe…. God wants more girls to come for easter!!!!! THERE IS A GREAT AWAKENING FOR WOMEN IN CHURCH!!! ….. rite… haha mayb not… hehe!!!!

yes so…. BROKEN PRODUCTON IS HERE!!! this friday and Saturday and Sunday easter Celebration!! haha am taking part on the Sunday Easter Celebration… “Liang and friends..” as we r known… lol doing a medley of 3 songs this weekend..

yup aha thats all for now…. going to college… 😀


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