Holy Spirit rain….. down!


Hows every1??

cell was awesome last nite despite only Emmanuel, Kerry and myself!

Cell did not start as normal haha! Remember the drumset in Campus town?? We decided to make use of what God gave to us to use and we had our little trio worship team in Campus town!!!!!

We Rock’ed! Jumped Around ! and also Worship the Lord!!!!

it was awesome .. and quoting Emmanuel on how awesome it was, “The presence of the Lord is here… and the whole place will be filled with God’s people!” … is that a prophecy?? LOL ! when he said “whole Place” i figured….. Campus Town filled with people worshiping the Lord!! its not a cell anymore, its a a GT Friday Nite service!!!

After worship, we had word and the holy spirit’s presence was so strong that we had an intense 1.5 hrs prayer for bringing our friends in our college, our oikos, to know more about Jesus!



6 thoughts on “Holy Spirit rain….. down!

  1. Li says:

    hahahaa..that was my comment when I was logged in…so yeah..what i wrote was:

    coolness! =) out of curiosity..how many members does cell have now?

  2. ^^ Walking My Life ^^ says:

    LOL out cell now.. not including expats lol are…. Aaron, Dionne, Emmanuel, Kerry, Bernie and myself


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