Freak Accident?? or the driver has a big grudge againts Barisan… figure out for urself?

After my church band practice last nite… around 11:30 p.m.. on the way back home… not sure whats that road called… its the main road opposite the Pizza HUT in TTDI, coming down from the highwaay from Easten Hotel…. a Vios with a Sabah no.plate. got into a “SELF INFLICTED” accident…

i was like =.=” . According to bystanders standing there… There were no other cars involved and also good thing… nobody was hurt… there was the male driver, a lady and a kid.. soi presume its a family…

Here r the picts taken from my friends fone..

So… what do u think??

Freak accident? OR driver got something againts BSN …??? U decide….XD

If its a freak accident…. i would say… this driver must be clocking at least 120 km/hr down the slope.. and he was probably trying to cut another car, probably driving fast as well… So, this guy probly got cut off himself… and hit the side curb… and he couldn’t control his car on high speed and somehow… landed as shown in the picts…

If he got something against this political party… well.. since there is an ballad voting this weekend all around malaysia.. lets just say… i let ur bias minds (meaning the side we r voting for…) think abt it politically XD….



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