Last day at my job = ) ….!!!!

so cool.. u kno i was suppose to have my last day at my Salvation bookstore job on weds 30th Jan… but haha i was not even on the timetable for the up n comin week! waha! so today was my last day at my job! haha Praise the Lord! =.=” haha i just wanna stop cause i m so bored at my job. doing deja’vo every day…. yea but its a good opportunity to take my time to hang out with friends and lost times and also to prepare for uni!

was out the whole day today!

after work in the morn at 1 p.m, went for lunch with cason.. had a good chat at peccadillies…(not sure if i spelled it right) its at millennium court behind like digital mall… some where there la…

yea then went home, change and then get my gear then off i go to church! yea….

worship was very messy here and there… we have a new drummer and a drummer who is subbing in for bass and an acoustic guitarist who was not strong… not to say they were at fault but we were all over the place with unknown chords and a slight change of songs from JK, which was perfectly fine and good as he was led by the spirit to change the song… but all in all this one was a relief ..

yea 2mr i hope it will be a fun day… a rest day haha a day to relax and stuff… after all Sunday is a rest day haha

am watchin the new rambo 2mr haha… my bro’s choice … dunno y he chose that movie lol!

yea… i hope the worship team meeting wont take long haha… i remember the last one was quite a long one…

yea thats all for now i guess… am tired … gonna finish watching d Liverpool game…first…


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