finally… some time to write abt my life … (with a cup of tea next to my mouse ^^ )

my gosh! Its been a while since i blogged, lots of stuff has happened since, some of u know that, n i thank all of u who have been standing with me supporting me when i had the roughest patch at the end of last year… thx again as u have given me inspiration to carry on living my life …

Any ways!!!

On the less emo and more happier side of things!

I m having a blast of a holiday! normally holidays r suppose to feel fast as i havin such a fun time, but this holiday… for me that is… seems to last forever!! ( i WISH!) Tho there r ups and downs, this holiday has been really fun, as i have the opportunity to have fun, free time and time for updating everything, from my blog, ipod, music to my clothes in my wardrobe ^-^ !

I m not having 3 jobs now, cause my dad says i should cool down on the jobs as the new semester is comin, i need to get in to the study gear mentality again… thats kind of true as well cause i m fed up of friends going out for fun when i cant cause of work… that really sux!! yea… so now its the bookstore job… SALVATION…. a customer made a really lame joke saying that u receive salvation when u come to the bookstore… =.=” super stupid really… i wanna like slap him in his face… !

I’m so not enjoying work rite now.. so bored as i m not gaining any thing new and knowledgeable asides from the lowly salary… so i decided only to work in the morning so that i won’t die of depression…

i m stopping at the end of Jan as i m taking my dad’s advice to stop work totally to not just play golf, but also to relax and take it easy…


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