FACE BOOK>>>>>>>>> i cant manage 3 jobs

OMG … due to work n stuff i have been freakin busy busy and i cant even have time to blog… i have time to facebook tho.. lol fast check no essay or diary to write hahah

jk.. ;p

Face book i tell u is so addictive … especially when there is FIGHTERS CLUB!!! LOL its so fun ,…. i wont even bother to explain what it is .. but i m sure most of u out there will know haha … when u kena attack!!!

besides face book… i had my 3 jobs rember???
well… i decided… if i get RM 200-300 per assignment … then y the heck would i need to do the Starbucks job??? LOL i get much more doing the rm 7 / hr… so yea…

this month ending …. i finished 4 assignments… which totalled to RM 1150 (300+300+250+300) debited to my bank account ;p

then the guitar job .. sold 3 guitars… a Fender Joe Strummer Telecaster® a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster® HSS , a Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster®
with 10 % commission which is RM 1000 around there ;p

so this month is rm 2000.. but december i m quiting my assignment job and taking break from the guitar dealer one and go for holiday!!!



One thought on “FACE BOOK>>>>>>>>> i cant manage 3 jobs

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