Its D- Day !!

wow… today is the first time in AGES!!! i repeat AGES since i touched a golf club.. or in Asian terms a golf Stick… so unpractical… any ways … i went to the driving range for 2 hrs before the game at 12:30 p.m at Club Rahman Putra…one of my home course aside from Saujana. The 2 hrs of practice n warming up was really important as it showed me that i was so out of practice ( 1 year btw…) and i don’t think i can match my handicap which is +8. this means that the handicap of Zero.. is 72 which is par for every hole, and for me which is +8 it means (72 + 8 = 80) so therefore it means that i shoot an average of 80 every round that i play…

Aside from that… the practice really gets me back to my swing which helped in the game today… i played with my dad and my dad’s colleague. they both played frequently and quite good at their game tho i play better than my dad if i play as regularly … my dad’s handicap is +12 . Today i played around of 85.. this would be a horrible score for me but for my first game since January… i think it would be a good score for now… got another game during the weekend… with a friend visiting from Thailand who are one of my group of 4 friends with whom i used to golf with every weekend twice a week. LOL he will c i m really rusty as he is a friendly rival to me .. with a handicap of +7 ….

after the golf game in the blistering sun.. i came back at around 5 sth.. just in time to get ready for dinner…

so now… its D-Day for Liverpool tonight as we invite Basiktas (Bah-sick-tas … -.- .. more like bah hum bug !!! from scrooge)

pity the team has been playing like a wounded dog, without Torres, Alonso injured and with Voronin and Kuyt misfiring this season as of late.. Good to c Gerrard back on form the last 3 games…

Gerrard needs to inspire the team

Out of favor peter Crouch… hope he can make a stance for his position in the team.. one day…LOL

Fernando Torres sorely missed…
how u get well soon!

Ryan Babel – has not shown his greatness and speed on the pitch hope he does settle in the team soon….

its make or break for Liverpool



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