Our first official post!!! / CELL HARVEST !

Hey ALL!

This is officially the first post for this blog! Woot!! *round of applause plz!!!* And to mark the occasion, we are havin a cell harvest this comin Friday 21st of sept 2007!

So, for all of u out there! I.e. Aaron, Adele, Bernie, Dionne, Emmanuel, Nick, Tammi, Tsu-Yi, Ven Xhin and my self! We are planning to do some potluck, so the main person you would have to contact for what food u will be contributing is Ven Xhin (012-2343570).

e examples of food can be:

  • Drinks
  • Moon Cakes? (since its moon cake festival)
  • Finger food – nuggets, French fries, sandwiches, cocktail sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Chips
  • Cocktails, mocktails, fruit punch?

Yes so these are some examples, I am personally thinking of making some sandwiches and fruit punch! 😀 !!!

Do let us know if u can come (and we hope you can come so we can catch up with u!) If u need transportation, do let me know at (012-2179892), so that I can work something out.

Bring some friends! This is not just for us cell members to catch up with each other but also to keep our cell growing!

Daniel New


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