Our first ever Cell Blog! !XD

Hey all fellow readers!

For those of u who don’t know me, or SHOULD know me…

Hi! I am Daniel New! yes… my surname is New….I’m currently attending Glad Tidings PJ church in Malaysia. This is not my personal blog, but if u want to know, its diaryofdanny.blogspot.com, if u want to know whats going on in my life! ;p i hav not updated since ages but i will get it going asap!

Now i would like to turn my attention to my fellow cell members who are here in PJ and those who are currently pursuing ur degress overseas!

The aim of this blog that i have just started , my.gtcell@blogspot.com, is for me to update u guys, my fellow cell members, who are overseas, namely Petrina, Li Yenn, Clement, Mojern (hope u guys are doing fine!) to know what we are up to in your beloved cell group back home! This blog is also for our irregular cell members who are unable to attend cell to continue to keep updated on cell stuff as we would like to keep in contact with u guys!

We as in those who are stuck here la!

Aaron, Bernie, Dionne, Emmanuel, Ven Xhin and myself, Tammi and Nick who will be leaving soon, and of course Sarah who continues to give us tremendous amts of help and support to our cell! Thank GOD!!!! XD

Soooo…. yea i think i covered up the basics! Of course i would be too busy with my studys as well so i might have to ask either Dionne or Ven Xhin if u can to help me update this blog! I have spoken to Sarah abt doing this blog thingymagig n i told her that i thought it was a stupid idea for me to do this lol as i think it could be the first ever GT cell group online post! Hurah!! ;p So, Sarah said i should give it a shot! which i just did about 15mins ago!

So yes do come on to this site whenever ur online! which i believe is everyday? and to check on stuff going on around cell!

God Bless!

Danny BoY!!


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