Hands down dirty/ Who’s Naughty or Nice?? =p

Status: 9:53p.m Sunday – 10th Dec 2006 Bored

Hey all, hows ur holidays goin? hopefully in ur shopping list you get me a christmas present??

Today was kinda fun i guess for passionate guitarist hehe…. today got my hands dirty.. got rid of the old set of Gibson strings on my PRS electric guitar n set in same brand new strings – this time D’Aderios … then i polished my other guitars as well…. then cleaned my violin..

By lunch time i was so exhausted, finish dusting off the dirt n dust off my amps and pedals and check that all my jacks n cables are in workin order n non broken or malfunctioned. After takin a good long and cold bath, for the rest of the day i went out to 1U did some window shopping and making a list and checkin it twice, Gonna find out who’s naughty or niceDanny BOy is coming to town…”(singing along…hehehe)…lol opps!! sorry! jsut spreading the cheer! hehe… mayb Christmas came early this year? hehe

Well thats about it i guess… after having a nice chat with Pek Jin and Cerina, m gona prepare for my golf game 2mr with my frens hehe!!! THEN——> the show down btwn CHELSEA n ARSENAL!!! Personally no offence to Arsenal fans out there (Joseph one of em heheXD) Chelsea will most lykely win cause there is no HENRY!? Arsenal would have to rely on V.Persie n Walcott to do the hard work… my openion they should try a draw for the game…. Chelsea has a fully fit team with a stong-hold defence… with Terry, carvalho, ashley Cole, Ballack or Makalele, at the back i would say its almost too difficult to break the dead lock for Arsenal…

Welll tahts all the babling! have to catch the game now!!…


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